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Mark High President Founded in 1968 by William High, Concrete Systems, Inc. (CSI) has grown to serve contractors and professionals as a leading source for construction forms, tools, equipment, supplies and more. Our founder leaned on the creed that customer service should be the priority. • Two Locations • 5,000+ Products • Expert Team • Top-Notch Brands • Jobsite Delivery In 1970, Bill got together with Sal Samaniego and Joe Simental in El Paso. El Paso Concrete Systems was born. Today, both locations feature one of the most complete sales and rental inventories in the Southwest. Bill’s son, Mark High, leads a team that is as dedicated to maintaining a great customer experience as our humble beginnings. Our accessories and materials are the finest available, and if we don’t have what you need, we will find it. Oscar Tavarez, El Paso General Manager

Our Edge is Our Team The backbone of our operation’s success is the people we employ. The CSI team is dedicated to making sure your experience is worthy of your time and investment. Our team is highly knowledgeable on the products we represent, as well as others in the market that can impact your bottom line. CSI is never complacent and will continue to improve our processes to ensure we operate in the most efficient manner, which creates overall savings that are passed onto our valued customer base. The CSI Mission is: To provide the construction industry with quality concrete construction and related products from the top manufacturers in the industry. To have the highest standard of service from an educated, well-trained staff with all the latest products and trends in the industry. Maintain a sufficient quantity and comprehensive range of inventory to provide the products the contractor needs in a timely manner. Best Buildings Winner – Supplier – Industry Choice Winner – Outstanding Affiliate Supplier – Champion of Merit – 30 Year Award –

Complete Source of Concrete Accessories & Chemicals Wall Forming Accessories: • Bar Supports • Chairs • Bridge Deck Hardware • Splicing • Tilt Up Accessories Chemicals: • Form releases • Bond Breakers • cures, Cure & sealers • repair mortars • grouts & epoxies Top-Notch Brands CSI represents the most reliable manufacturers in their respective markets. Our staff is continuously updated on the latest product innovations as they launch. You can count on us to have the right information to make crucial decisions that help protect your bottom line. Our goal is to keep your operation competitive and serve as a life-long supply partner.

Coloring & Stamping Increte Color Hardeners, Release, Integral Color, Overlays, Acid Stains, Sealers, Texture Mats/ Stamps Rafco Color Hardeners & Texture Mats Concrete Placing & Handling Buckets & Side Chutes Concrete Carts/Georgia Buggies Elephant Trunk/Tremie, Collars & Hoppers Decorative Coatings MasterProtect/Thoroseal Epoxies E-Chem Epoxies Epoxy Cartridge Guns Euclid Epoxies Hilti Epoxies WR Meadows Rezi-Weld Epoxies Finishing Tools Bull Floats & Handles Brick Jointers Brick Trowels Chamfer Tools Channel Floats Cork Floats Cross Joint Trowels Curb & Gutter Tools Darbies Driveway Safety Groovers Duck Bill Trowels Edgers Groovers Fresno Trowels Gauge Rakes Gauging Trowels Groovers Gutter Tools Handle Adapters Laminated Resin Floats Magnesium Floats Magnesium Screeds Margin Trowels Pipe Trowels Pointing Trowels Pipe Trowels Pool Trowels Roller Tampers Resin Floats Rubber Floats Safety Ramp Rollers Safety Step Edgers Screeds Sled Rollers & Shoes Sponge Floats Steel Floats Step Tools Straight Edges Tampers Texture Brooms Trowels Tuck Pointers Wheelchair Ramp Tools Wire Texture Brooms Wood Floats Firestop Hilti Firestop Flatwork Forming Dee Curb & Gutter Forms Dee Driveway & Sidewalk Forms Steel Stakes Wood Stakes Form Releases Dayton Form Releases Hand Operated Equipment Chapin Sprayers DeWalt Tools Kenrich Grout Pumps Measuring Wheels Stake Pullers Willard Cutter Benders Insulation Owens Corning Insulation Jobsite Equipment Acid Brushes Backer Rod Tools Bolt Cutters Bottled Water Bolt Cutters Brooms Brushes Caulking Guns Chalk Reels & Refills Digging/Tamping Bars Dirt Tampers Extension Cords Finishing Brooms Gloves Grout Bags Hacksaws Hammers Handsaws Hickey Benders Ironworkers Pliers Knee Boards Knee Pads Knives Lambswool Applicators Levels Lumber Crayons Marking Paint Mason’s Line Measuring Pails Mixers & Paddles Paint Rollers Picks Pry Bars Rakes/Kumalongs Rope Rubber Boots/Overshoes Scrapers Shovels Sledgehammers Squeegees Stripping Bars Tape Tape Measures Test Cylinder Molds Thermometers Water Hose Wheelbarrows Wire Twisters Wire Reels Our Product Lines Additives New World Fiber Reinforcing Thermal Lube Accelerator Xypex Admixture Adhesives Beats The Nail Adhesive GluDown Adhesive Styrofoam Adhesive Anchors & Inserts Anchor Bolts Coil Loop Inserts Ferrule Inserts Hilti Anchors, Shots & Pins Blades, Bits & Abrasives Abrasive Blades Abrasive Grinding Discs & Cup Wheels Circular Saw Blades Core Drill Bits Demolition Bits Depressed Center Wheels Diamond Blades & Grinding Wheels Hilti Hammer/Drill Bits Husqvarna Blades Reciprocating Saw Blades Rub Bricks Spade Bits Bonding Agents Euclid Bonders Lyons Bonders WR Meadows Bonders Caulking & Sealing Backer Rod Euclid Sealants Master Builders Sealants Soudal Sealants WR Meadows Sealants Cleaners Degreasers Floor Sweep Strippers Joint Materials Curb & Gutter Joints Deck-O-Drain Deck-O-Foam Expansion Joint Cap Fiber Expansion Joint Greenstreak Waterstop Homex Expansion Joint Key Loc Joint Nomaflex Expansion Joint Plastic Keyway Synko-Flex Waterstop Zip Strip Liquid Treatments Dayton Bondbreakers Euclid Cures & Sealers Evaporative Retarders Finishing Aid Increte Sealers Master Builders Confilm, Grout & Patching Cements WR Meadows Cures, Sealers & Hardeners Surface Retarders Powders Dayton Grout & Patching Cements Euclid Patching Cements Lyons Patching & Anchoring Cements Master Builders Grout & Patching Cements Quikrete Cements & Sand Powered Equipment Collomix Mixers & Water Dosser DeWalt Electric Tools Hilti Cut-Off Saws, Dust Removal, Rotary Hammers, Demolition Hammers, Vacuums & Cordless Tools Honda Generators & Pumps Husqvarna Power Cutter Saws, Soff Cut Saws, Rammers, Plate Compactors, Concrete Saws, Power Screeds & Trowel Machines Makita Electric Tools Max/USA Rebar Cutters & Rebar Twintiers Minnich Vibrators Multiquip Trowel Machines & Concrete Saws Wacker Vibrators Rebar & Dowel Accessories Bar Chairs Bar Ties Carnie Caps Castle Chairs Concrete Dobies Continuous High Chair Double Floor Slab Chairs EAL Dowel Baskets High Chairs Mesh Chairs Paving Chairs Plastic Chairs Rebar Rebar Caps & Covers Rebar Stakes Slab Bolster Speed Plates Tie Wire Wire Mesh Reglets & Flashing Safety Equipment Acid Masks Barrier Fence Bomber Jackets, Vests & Sweatshirts Caution Tape Dust Masks Ear Plugs Eye Protection Face Shields Hardhats Hardhat Liners Pennant Perimeter Markers Silt Fence Vests Scaffolding & Shoring Post Shores Shoring Beams – Spanalls, Quickbeams & Laminated Wood Waco Shoring Screeding Accessories AccuScreed/MegaScreed Screed Hooks, Chairs & Bars Sensor Line, Rods & Clamps Sheet Materials ADA Warning Mats Construction Board Curing Blankets Mel-Drain Mirafi Fabrics – Woven & Non-Woven Plastic Shims Polyethylene Reinforced Polyethylene Sand Bags Surveying Equipment Plumb Bobs Flagging Tape Gammon Reels Measuring Wheels Tilt-Up Accessories Anchors Inserts Braces Lifting Hardware Trench Drain Systems Zurn Perma Trench Void & Column Forming Form Tube Void Form Wall Forming Chamfer – Wood & PVC Coil Rod, Bolts & Nuts Column Clamps Form Clips Gates Forming Accessories Jahn (Snap-Tie) Forming Accessories Lumber – 2x4s & 2x6s Nails – Concrete, Duplex, Common & Box Pencil Rod, Tighteners & Clamps RJD Fiberglass Ties Plywood Stay Form Symons Steel Ply Forming & Accessories Waterproofing Cetco Waterstop-RX Master Builders Elastomeric & Mastic Waterproofing WR Meadows Liquid & Membrane Waterproofing Master Builders Elastomeric & Mastic Waterproofing https://video. video/12b871_146bb0a57d014b108e17ce2971024054/1080p/ mp4/file.mp4 ADA Compliant Detectable Warning Wherever you go, there we are insulation/commercial/foamular-ngx ©2023 District Publishing 586.884.2400 El Paso Concrete Systems, Inc. Branch Office / Warehouse / Yard 7101 Merchant El Paso, TX 79915 915-779-3714 Concrete Systems, Inc. Headquarters / Warehouse / Yard 3120 Richmond Dr NE Albuquerque, NM 87107 505-884-1134 AGC (Associated General Contractors) Our Association Memberships: Associated Construction Distributors International ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors) Concrete Systems is a founding member of the ACDI