WELCOME Reliable, Resourceful & Responsive, we sell Service to Science. LabSource • 1260 Garnet Drive • Northlake, IL 60164 Founded in 1989, LabSource, Inc. is an independent, privately owned, stocking distributor for laboratory supplies. We carry 3500+ manufacturers of a wide variety and have over 30,000 square feet of warehouse space containing over $3,000,000 worth of inventory to meet our customer’s needs. We serve a wide range of customers across the USA by being knowledgeable of the pros and cons of all the products we represent. We bring extensive experience in serving procurement for government, academia, institutions and enterprise businesses of all sizes. Our friendly and helpful staff is ready to meet your needs and is available through phone, email or online chat.

Stocking Distributor Online Convenience Private Label Options • HAND PROTECTION • PROTECTIVE APPAREL • MICROPLATES & SEALING OPTIONS • LIQUID HANDLING CONSUMABLES • AUTOMATION LABWARE • PCR PLASTICWARE • SMALL EQUIPMENT/MICROSCOPES • CELL CULTUREWARE • GLASSWARE • GENERAL SUPPLIES Product Categories: LabSource has built a reputation as a trusted distributor of laboratory and safety products among the industries we serve. Our customers are vast in size and scope and include life science, agriculture, biotech, research, pharmaceuticals, industrial, government, food safety and university markets. The manufacturers we represent are known through these industries and continue to cross over into other markets that require the same quality at a competitive price. The markets we serve are also ever-changing as discoveries are made. This helps foster new innovative products across our vast lines. As these products become available, you can count on LabSource to not only have the knowledge but also represent them.

Liquid Handling Automation Pipet Tips—Quality & Value Automation Labware Tecan EVO & Fluent • MCA 96 format - nested and individual rack • LiHa 96 format - hanging racks for 8 channel • Fluent 96 format - individual racked format Agilent Bravo • 96LT format individual racks • 96ST & 384ST format individual racks Beckman FX, NX & iSeries • 384 format • 96 format • Span 8 format Perkin Elmer Janus, SciClone & Zephyr • 96 format MDT • 384 format MDT • Multichannel Roborack format Dynamic Devices Oasis & Lynx • 96 format head • 384 channel head Panoptic 384 format black tips Hamammatsu 384 format black tips Molecular Devices FLIPR Tetra 384 format Wide offering of specialty pipet tips to fit major manufacturer Instruments in most sizes and specialty formats (wide bore, low retention etc). Manufacturers including iSci Brand, Biotix Brand, Axygen Made, AlphagemBio Made

Microplates & Sealing Options • Polypropylene (PP) and Polystyrene (PS) Microplates in a wide variety of formats • PP Deep well 24, 48, 96 and 384 – in sizes from 120 uL to 10 mL • PS Shallow assay height 6, 12, 24, 48, 96 and 384 – clear, black and white • PP Shallow assay height 96 and 384 format – clear, black and white • Sealing mats in all density formats for round and square well, silicone and chemically- resistant PTFE • Heat sealing film rolls and sheets – clear and foil, piercable, peelable and permanent • Automated heat sealing instruments – roll based and singulated sheet sealers • Adhesive sealing film sheets and rolls – clear and foil, piercable and peelable Manufacturers, including iSci, Greiner, ILS, Innovative Lab Products, Azenta, Excel Scientific and more, with a wide offering of options: Automation Friendly Reservoirs Manufacturers including Agilent, GMP Sales, Click Bio and Innovative Lab Products • Polypropylene injection molded and thermoformed reservoirs for 8, 12, 96 and 384 format pipetting • Minimize dead volume with cost effective troughs for a variety of applications

(P53-520) (P53-526) (P53-510) (P53-530) (P53-536PVC) (P53-540) (P53-503) (P53-504) (P53-502) (P53-506) (P53-482) (P53-501) (P53-503S) (P53-504S) (P53-502S) (P53-506S) (P53-484) (P53-501S) (P53-524) (P53-538) (P53-514) (P53-534) (P53-538) (P53-544) (P53-522) (P53-527) (P53-512) (P53-532) (P53-536) (P53-542)

800-545-8823 NEW Sorenson HybridRack Packaging Reduce Plastic Waste by 40% vs Traditional Racked Pipet Tips Uses 70% less plastic than a traditional tip rack Made in the USA in an ISO 13485 certified facility with additional ISO 14001 environmental certification Combo of sturdy polypro deck and paperboard base allows for stable pipetting directly from paperboard base Can also be used as a filter tip reload system Plastic deck is compatible with Sorenson MultiRack and Platinum Reload Pipet tips racks Improve your environmental footprint with the same consistent quality of our trusted Sorenson brand products • RNase-/DNase-free • Nonpyrogenic • Human gDNA- & PCR-inhibition-free • Available with polyethylene aerosol filter on non-filtered • All SKUs in offering are e-beam sterilized Also available with low binding surface to improve accuracy and ensure maximum sample recovery SKU... Description... P23-552 10ul Extended Length Filtered Tip, Sterile, Low Binding, Paper Rack P23-553 20ul Length Filtered Tip, Sterile, Low Binding, Paper Rack P23-555 100ul Length Filtered Tip, Sterile, Low Binding, Paper Rack P23-556 200ul Length Filtered Tip, Sterile, Low Binding, Paper Rack P23-557 300ul Length Filtered Tip, Sterile, Low Binding, Paper Rack P23-559 1000ul Length Filtered Tip, Sterile, Low Binding, Paper Rack P16-557 10ul Extended Length Pipet Tip, Sterile, Paper Rack P16-567 200ul Length Pipet Tip, Sterile, Paper Rack P16-577 300ul Length Pipet Tip, Sterile, Paper Rack P16-587 300ul Extended Length Pipet Tip, Sterile, Paper Rack P16-597 1000ul Extended Length Pipet Tip, Sterile, Paper Rack Sorenson

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