Verona Safety

Verona Safety offers respirator fit testing for individuals or an entire workforce. We are equipped to perform qualitative tests and certify that you and/or your employees’ respirators fit properly, are safe and comply with OSHA regulations. Fit testing can be done by the employer or an outside party, including a union, an apprenticeship program, a contractor’s association or a past employer. Employers are permitted to accept fit testing that workers have received from an outside party within the last 12 months, as long as you use the same respirator make, model, style and size at your new worksite. 866-458-8624 • Gas monitors are a crucial piece of equipment on many jobsites—detecting harmful substances in the air and alerting the user when concentrations reach toxic levels. In order for a gas monitor to save lives, it must be able to accurately monitor the surrounding air. This is where calibration plays a vital role. Proper calibration keeps gas monitors performing accurately by applying a standard mixture of gases to a gas monitor, which resets the monitor’s settings to the standard. Verona Safety recommends following all manufacturer specifications for recalibration. Oftentimes, gas monitors need to be recalibrated annually or biannually. You can count on us to have all the necessary equipment to recalibrate gas monitors from these top manufacturers: Industrial Scientific, MSA, GasClip, Honeywell, GMI and BW Instruments. If you don’t have the equipment for the job and only need it for a few days, Verona Safety’s rental program can get you back up and running! We are currently renting out Tripod Systems, Gas Monitors and Confined Space Ventilators, with more to come!