Rotary Switches Military, Commercial, Miniature, Sealed up to IP67 Rocker Switches Commercial, Economical, Miniature, Illuminated, Sealed up to IP67, High Inrush Toggle Switches Miniature, Full Size, Sealed up to IP68 Pushbutton Switches Miniature, Illuminated, Commercial, Sealed up to IP65 Slide Switches Standard, Miniature, Economical Encoders Hall Effect, Mechanical, Sealed up to IP67 Keylock Switches Single & Double Pole, Robust Metal Housing, Multiple Keycodes www.electro-nc.com www.osloswitch.com www.cwind.com Vertically Integrated North American Manufacturer based in Raleigh, NC and Southhampton, PA Manufactured Stackpole, CRL, Oak Grigsby, Gaynor, CW Industries and OSLO Switch Brands. Manufacturing Switches for many Market Segments: Military, Avionics, Agriculture, Off-Road Transportation, Industrial, Appliance, Audio, Test & Foodservice Equipment 800-554-8866 • wesgarde.com