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Supplying over 3,000 food items to over 3,000 customers throughout the mid-Atlantic and beyond. ® 215-992-0900 www.quakervalleyfoods.com

Since our earliest beginnings over 45 years ago, Quaker Valley Foods (QVF) has continued to grow and serve as the premier distributor of over 3,000 fresh and frozen perishable and non-perishable items throughout the mid-Atlantic. We take tremendous pride in our ability to provide consistency in quality and competitive pricing to our valued customers. As our story evolves, so does our clientele. QVF serves wholesale distributors, larger supermarket groups, independent retail and wholesale food stores, ethnic markets, jobbers and restaurants. QVF goes beyond great products at competitive pricing. With a special focus on ethnic offerings, our broad customer base purchases Hispanic, African, Chinese and Halal foods, as well as many other products. These ethnic specialties are geared toward more than half of our customer base. As a result, we have a highly experienced, multi-lingual sales team that speaks your language and that is there to help you discover all that Quaker Valley Foods has to offer. Quaker Valley Foods is committed to the success of your operation. Our team is eager to serve as your advocate for great foods at great pricing. We are a family business with a proud history of quality and service, and we look forward to earning your trust every day. www.quakervalleyfoods.com Welcome to Quaker Valley Foods! Company Directors Pat Veasey President Wayne Hudis CEO Dennis Snyder Director of Sales and Purchasing Michele Metrick CFO Andy Roman Director of Strategic Initiatives Noel Sheridan Director of IT Terry McGrath Director of Operations

Our Mission Statement We consistently provide an extensive range of reasonably priced, superior food products to the food industry. This is accomplished while maintaining our commitment to an outstanding customer experience, a profitable company, and providing our employees a rewarding work experience. QVF specializes in the distribution of beef, pork, chicken, turkey, seafood, deli products, foodservice items, lamb, goat, mutton, veal, and ethnic items. We utilize our own vehicles to distribute product to over 3,000 customers from Connecticut to Virginia. Because we employ so many great people focused on quality service with an emphasis on safety, we consistently exceed our clients’ expectations! Quaker Valley Foods (QVF) was founded in 1975 as Gary’s Wholesale Meats by brothers-in-law Norman Fleekop and Gary Hudis. Norman had been an original owner of Kansas Beef Industries (KBI), and Gary had worked there as the plant manager. In 1980, Norman’s son Ken joined the company, and in 1984, Gary’s son Wayne did the same. Years of sustained annual growth and business relocation followed. By 1995, QVF acquired the assets of KBI. That same year, Pat Veasey joined our team. Following Norman’s retirement in 2000 and the sudden death of Gary in 2002, it was time for the two sons to take the reins and lead the company forward. In 2005, QVF relocated to the former RFDI facility on Red Lion Road in Northeast Philadelphia. It is here that we reside today on 15 acres in a 250,000-square-foot facility that warehouses dry, refrigerated and frozen food products. After Ken retired in 2013, Pat Veasey and Wayne Hudis became partners and owners of the company the following year. In 2016, QVF acquired Moyer-Mitchell Company, a large protein distributor that sold primarily chicken products. With this acquisition, QVF increased our sales and purchasing staff to over 35 men and women. We also increased our fleet of trucks to over 40 vehicles, servicing the mid-Atlantic states and beyond! Who we are Our History 215.992.0900 www.quakervalleyfoods.com Wayne Hudis, CEO and Pat Veasey, President Our Outstanding Organization

Our Team Simply put, QVF employs the best workforce within our industry. We take immense pride in hiring quality individuals who are eager to serve the diverse range of customers and ethnic groups to whom we cater. QVF invests in the continued training and attention to detail that is required to ensure the growth of every member of our team. Safety is a key focus in our daily operations at QVF. We have established workplace processes that ensure a great environment for our people, which leads to better service and an overall better business experience. Core Values • Integrity and honesty in all that we do • Continually strive for perfection • Exceptional customer service • Safety first always • All are held accountable • Everyone is treated with dignity and respect • Employee input,questions and concerns are welcomed • Commitment to profitability 215.992.0900 www.quakervalleyfoods.com

Our Facility Providing the best products requires the best facility. For Philadelphia-based wholesale food distribution, that means Quaker Valley Foods. Our 25,000 square feet of dry good storage, 85,000 square feet of refrigerated storage, and 140,000 square feet of frozen storage is racked and fully stocked. Additionally, our 8-million-cubic-foot warehouse is temperature controlled to keep our products fresh and ready for our customers. Our organized and efficient facility means that we can quickly find products, fill orders, and prepare them for prompt delivery. 215.992.0900 www.quakervalleyfoods.com “With Quaker, I get what I order. There are never any mispicks. The delivery schedule is awesome. If I’m short something, I get it the next day, and that’s a big plus.” “I truly like Quaker. Good people, good salespeople; they know their stuff. They take care of me more than most people. Good company. Well-informed salesmen. They give me good deals. Good to work with; they never leave you hanging on a limb if there is a problem.” “Todo excelente. Se tienen pequeños incidents, pero soluccionan problems rapidamente. Buen salesperson. La carne nunca ha llegada dañada. Los drivers tambien son muy buenos y tienen buena atencion al cliente.” Translation: Everything is excellent. If there are small incidents, they are solved very quickly. Good salesperson. The meat never arrives damaged. The drivers are also very good and have good customer service. “Una excelente compañía y excelentes personas. Los drivers son muy eficientes; cuidan a sus clientes. Buena calidad y muy buenos precios.” Translation: An excellent company and excellent people. The drivers are very efficient; they take care of their customers. Good quality and very good prices. “Incredible customer service and support from my salesperson.” “I have had the pleasure of doing business with Quaker for many years. No problems with the company; would highly recommend. You stand behind your products 100%. It’s a very good company to do business with.” “You’re spot-on and friendly. Everyone seems to work with you; highly responsive and highly recommended.” Food Show Take Advantage of the Great Deals You’ll Find at Our Annual Food Show! Customer Testimonials Father and son, “Dutch” and Albert Granaldi, in front of Dutch’s Meats, Inc. Marcus Rieker (left) with Quaker Valley Foods’ Beef Buyer/Sales Specialist Bill Cattafesta, by the counter in Rieker’s Prime Meats Kevin Matthews (second from left) of Lansdale Meats picks up an order at our Cash and Carry from Bruce Greenberg (far left); Joe Cepparulo (second from right) and Ron Cedrone (far right) Our Grand Prize Winner A Trip to the Taj Mahal

The Quaker Valley Transportation Department is committed to providing our customers with ontime deliveries and courteous service. Our fleet of over 40 trucks runs from 3 am until 5 pm, averaging over 35 routes a day. Covering over 6,000 miles, our trucks make an average of over 350 deliveries per day. Committed to On-Time Deliveries & Courteous Service Delivery Service 215.992.0900 www.quakervalleyfoods.com In order to best service our customers, we provide next day delivery—Monday through Saturday—to wholesale distributors, larger supermarket groups, independent retail and wholesale food stores, ethnic markets, jobbers, and restaurants.

Lamb, Goat & Mutton Lamb Carcass Lamb Leg Bone-In Lamb Leg Boneless Lamb Shoulder Lamb Rack Lamb Shank/Offal Goats 6-Piece Goats 6-Piece Burnt Goat Cubes Goat Offal Mutton 6-Piece Mutton Leg Bone-In Mutton Leg Boneless Mutton Shanks Mutton Shoulders Whole Rabbits Offal Beef Feet Tripe Leg Tendons Intestines Feet Tails Bones Hocks Jowls Ears Livers Kidneys Chitterlings Stomachs Hearts Tongues Snouts Salted Feet Beef Products Ribeyes Export Ribs Short Loins Top Butts Strip Loins Flat Irons Peeled Tenderloins Teres Major Peeled Butt Tenderloins Shoulder Clods Semi-Boneless Chuck 2-Pc. Boneless Chuck Chuck Roll Chuck Tenders Briskets Nose-Off Briskets Neck Bones Outside Skirts Flanks Flap Meat Beef Back Ribs Short Ribs Bone-In Hind Shank Hanging Tenders Bottom Round Eye Round Flat Round Ground Beef Insides Peeled Knuckles Oxtails Beef Trimmings 50/50 Grinding Meat Deli Products Packaged Meats Cheese Deli Meats Eggs & Oils Halal Items Ham Salads & Condiments Foodservice Items And so much more! Pork Products Bacon Bone-In Loins Boneless Loins Tenderloins Picnics Hams Boneless Butts Bone-In Butts Spare Ribs Salted Parts Smoked Parts Frozen Whole Pigs Imported Ribs Back Ribs Bellies (Fresh & Frozen) Chicken & Turkey Whole Birds Fowl Chicken Legs Chicken Wings Chicken Tenders Party Wings ¼ Legs Drumsticks Thighs Boneless Thighs Cornish Hens Chicken Backs Skinless Chicken Necks Chicken Gizzards Chicken Hearts Frozen Whole Turkeys Bone-In Chicken Breast Boneless Chicken Breast Smoked Turkey Parts Turkey Breasts Ground Turkey Ducks Quail Turkey Parts Seafood Products Lobster Tails Cooked Shrimp Raw Shrimp Retail Shrimp Peeled Shrimp Salmon Snow Crab Clusters Squid Octopus Seafood Mix Whiting with Skin Off Whiting with Skin On Whiting Headed/Gutted Red Porgy Crab Cakes Sea Trout Fillets Mackerel Kingfish Kingfish Steaks Croakers Frog Legs Retail Tilapia Fillets Tilapia Fillets Tilapia Whole Flounder Fillets Dungeness Crab Imitation Crab Pasteurized Crabmeat Pollock Cooked Crawfish Butterfish Scallops Breaded Fish Portions Snapper Whole Mussels Clams Swai/Catfish Fillets Breaded Clams Wholey Skillet Meals A Sampling of the More than 3,000 Products We Provide! 215.992.0900 www.quakervalleyfoods.com

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